6 Free Instagram Reel Video Editor Apps

6 Free Instagram Reel Video Editor Apps

6 Free Instagram Reel Video Editor Apps. In today’s post, we will see 6 of the best and free mobile video editing apps, to edit your Instagram reel. You all know that short videos are a trending topic now and many of us also love to watch this short video. Besides, there is absolutely no doubt that Instagram reels are ruling the world of this short video.

6 Free Instagram Reel Video Editor Apps
6 Free Instagram Reel Video Editor Apps

Content creators are showing their talents, some sing, some dance, others show their art or art, etc. What’s more, apart from all this, you will find almost everything in the short video platform. So if you are an Instagram content creator or want to make videos or reels within Instagram, then of course you have one of the video editing app will be required.

In this post, there are 6 best and free Instagram reel editors (Instagram reels editor). I will put it in front of you which is very easy to use and can be edited in a very good way and all these Android editing apps are also use by big content creators who edit by mobile. Moreover, Instagram’s Reels feature is a great way to grab the attention of your followers. But, if you’re not a professional video editor, it may be difficult to get your Reels up to scratch.

1. VN Video Editor

In our list of reels video editing applications, I have put first my favorite app which is VN Video Editor. The reason for being favorite, it is free and very easy to use, but with it you can definitely edit a professional level. You can find a clean and multi layer timeline and all the editing tools here. The special features are:

  • Multilayer Timeline
  • Chrome or Green Screen Editing
  • Speed control by curve or curve
  • Keyframe or keyframe and animation
  • Masking
  • Transection, FX and Color Correction
  • Templates & Stick Library
  • HD and FHD exports.

2. InShot Video Editor

InShot is a very popular and use application among those who create and edit online content by mobile. This is an app full of features where you will get all the necessary tools as per your needs. Also, this InShot is also quite popular for creating slide shows or photo videos that you may also like. So now let’s not see what features are in this app to resource your Instagram reel video.

  • Video Cutter, Splitter and Merge
  • Video Filters & Effects
  • Various Transsion Effects
  • Text & Stickers
  • Slow Mo or Speed Control
  • Photo Slide Show Maker
  • More Different Editing Elements
  • Video Collage Maker etc.

3. KineMaster

Many of us know about the Kinmaster mobile video editing app, it is quite old, popular and powerful app. This is the first favorite video editing software of YouTubers, because in it you will get great features or tools. But let me tell you that KineMaster is a little complicated app to edit your Instagram Reels.

If you’re looking for a free Instagram Reel video editor that offers a lot of features and is easy to use, then KineMaster is the app for you. It’s a powerful video editing tool that’s suitable for beginners and pros alike, and it comes with everything you need to create professional looking videos.

It can cut, splice and crop videos, add text, images, stickers and special effects to them, and more. You can also add music and sound effects. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can add voiceovers and animations. Another great thing about KineMaster is that it’s available on iOS and Android. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store or from the App Store. Once it’s downloaded, you can start editing your video straight away.

At first, there may be problems in a little bit. But there is also a solution and that is to see a guide tutorial from YouTube. As I said, this is a mobile’s professional level editing software so awesome and like computer video editing software, you will get some special features in it.

  • Pre-made video templates, stock photos and footage
  • Basic and Advanced All Editing Tools
  • Animated Elements, Stickers, Text and Effects
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • 720p, 1080p and 4K Export and Edit
  • Transition
  • Color Correction and Grading
  • Speed Control
  • Green screens and more.


Vita is also beautiful and must use is an editing application. Here you’ll find plenty of pre-made stuff. Which will make your editing much easier. In general, you can understand that it is quite easy to use an app. In the meantime, you will get to work within the multi layer timeline and it is not at all less in terms of features or tools. From effects, transitions, text, stickers and templates, you will get everything to use in it.

  • Collage & Overlay Video
  • HD Quality Export
  • Pre-made fonts, animated text, stickers, etc.
  • Video Templates and Audio Library
  • Pre-made Color Filters and Color Grading
  • Translations and Effects of the Movie
  • And so much more like speed control.

5. VideoShow – Video Editor & maker

On this list of ours it is another advanced mobile video editor app for you to edit high wally reels. VideoShow is a professional, powerful and all in one Android or mobile video editor. I will definitely recommend it to you, especially if you have created other content in addition to Instagram Reels. Instagram posts are like videos, blogs, and IGTV. Because you can edit all types or types in it.

  • Useful for editing all types of videos
  • Audio Extract, Effect, Adjust, Equalize and Convert
  • Ready Made Video and Photo Video Themes and Templates
  • High Quality Export
  • Voice over, text style and subtitles
  • Multiple video, overlay, double exposure, blur background
  • Transsion, speed control, FX, animation, stickers, etc.

6. YouCut

The last best, simple, powerful, free and watermark variety of Instagram reels editor on our list is this YouCut. Besides, in this application with a very interesting and easy to use interface, you can edit your Reels video in a very creative way. And like all other applications, you will not find any kind of app in terms of features.

Moreover, You can render high quality video without watermarks. and for different platforms. What’s more, the premade aspect ratio is already done which will make your work easier. Its special features is:

  • Free and high quality export without watermarks
  • Video trim, split, merge and joint
  • Speed Control
  • Photo Slide Show Maker
  • Video Filters & FX
  • Color Adjustment
  • Change background or background change
  • Video Converter & Compressor
  • Music, text and stickers, etc.

Our last words

So this is our list of 6 best and Instagram reel video editors for free Android mobile. Lastly, hopefully you will find your favorite Instagram Reels editor app from here. And if you find this post helpful, then definitely share it with friends and more such posts. What’s more, for updates, please follow our site.

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